Amor Fati: To Love One's Fate

I'm a 26yr old Psych graduate. I love strange, specific shit=nerd. I love the goth style and find ways to combine with other styles. I have an obsession with my body, and will continue to do what I need to in order to match the beautiful image in my head, to the disgusting pig I look like. *The pics and vids posted here are NOT mine. If they are yours, please contact me and I will remove them*
H: 5’7
HW: 260
SW: 225
GW1: 160 complete.
GW2:140 (piercings or 1 tattoo)
GW3:130 (cropped hair)
UGW:115 (maintaining thin)

If equal affection cannot be,
Let the more loving one be me.

—― W.H. Auden (via psych-quotes)


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this is the best my hair will ever look tbqh


praise him

Perfection at is finest! Go ‘head!